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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Meditation Materials

         Meditation Materials

Meditation materials are the various things we use during the time of meditation. The pillows we use to sit on, the clothes we put on and wrappers, music, audio and others we use are the things we're writing about.

We all know that with the different school of thoughts existing so there are different methods of meditation practices. I have come to find out that no matter the school of thought as far as divinity is concerned meditation has to be practiced in the proper way.

 I found that the clothes we put on, the shoes we wear and all we put on this body of ours has a lot of influence in our lives.

Every human being on this planet has the day and time he was born including the year. Our names, family names and guy names affect us a lot. That is how meditation also affects us and has an impact in our begging and prayers being answered.

I have discovered that plain colour clothes affect us more positively when worn than multi-colour clothes. It gives us a more stable character, the ability to achieve what we want in a shorter period of time than when we put on multi-colour clothing.

When the human body is facing certain problems there are particular colours you sit down and concentrate on and these problems fly away just like that depending also on your zodiac sign. So you need to find out the colour that best suits you, adopt it and use them when meditating.

When meditating you don’t need tight fitting clothes like robes, loose dresses, wrappers and others things as well. You need something loose and free to enable you assume different meditation postures.

There are different types of meditation instruments used for meditation; which are only given by the spiritual master that you meet, after receiving divine knowledge. I as a person cannot give you that it’s the right of the one who gave you knowledge to do that. The techniques of knowledge are also given to you by the spiritual master and you practice meditation using these techniques. I cannot reveal such techniques to you also because I have no right to do that except I am given the grace to do it. So if you need Divine knowledge, search for a divine spiritual master in order to receive it. You need a divine one and not all those evil people parading themselves as spiritual masters of which if you’re not careful will initiate you into negativity and you become doomed for life. So be careful!

Apart from all these there are certain books, e-books, audios and videos we need to read, listen to and watch to help us grow in Spiritual development and to also get us to the highest  spiritual conscious state.

To meditate some of us need meditation mats, pillows, clothes and other things to use. We need to buy new ones and not those used by others.

We also need some books, e-books, audios and videos to read, listen to and watch as I have said earlier and so I am going to leave links that will help you search for the materials you need to for meditation below this post. You need them in order for you to develop yourself spiritually.

Meditation Materials

1. Meditation books and e-books: Below are some meditation books and e-books that may be of help to you in the practice of meditation. They are just a guide and will go a long way to assist you in your knowledge of meditation.

2. Meditation audios: although the mode of your spiritual practice may be different due to the existence of various school of thought and religion this audio will help you in your understanding of meditation clearing obstacles out of your way leaving you with a better aura.

The Inner Child Meditation Audio

3. Meditation videos: when you watch these videos, it will go a long way to help you in meditating.

4: Meditation Clothing: you’ll need to choose the best colour that suits your vibration and in the shape that you will good enough for you to meditate in. Below are some of these clothing I’m writing about but you may browse o choose your size, shape and colour. 

Pillows, mats and other things used for meditation are very important to keep sacred.

5. Meditation music: the various schools of thought vary in their music types but these are some meditation music that will help you in meditation. It is left for you to make a pick of your choice.  The Inner Child Meditation Music

Meditation Products:

1. Meditation Pillows

It's better to use brand new pillows used only by you for meditation to avoid multiple vibrations. Click on any of the pillows to get one or click it to browse the colour and brand of your choice from the site.

2. Meditation clothes

You can click any of the clothes to get one or click to go to the website to make your choice.



3. Meditation Books


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