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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Benefits Of Meditation

The Benefits Of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are many and very important in our lives. It gives us the grace to be spiritually conscious and vibrant in health. I will be explaining some of them for us to understand that we need meditation to make life less stressful and more comfortable for us in a life time.

1. Spiritual Awakening: there develops a higher spiritual consciousness and enlightenment starts growing within man as he/she commences the act of divine meditation. So many things about yourself, friends and families including your environment start to communicate with you and revelations starts coming in.

Someone I know once said he knew a man that had some children and he talked about them, one day while meditating it was revealed to him the man was impotent. She later found out the man had adopted the children. In meditation a lot of secrets are exposed.

2. Manifestation of hearts desire: answers to man’s heart desires start manifesting because with you directly communicating with the divine light force, your request for what you want will be conveyed to the Power and that request becomes granted. But if that request will cause harm to you it will not be granted rather you’ll be shown why it cannot be given to you and a better choice will be provided.

3. Weight loss: Meditation adjusts a man’s body weight to the right proportion. There are techniques that are practiced during meditation and while doing those practices, your body is tuned to the divine light force and this in turn extricates the unwanted excesses in the body and brings it back to the natural state of creation. Excessive weight is caused by too much debris in the body which does not withstand negativity.

4. Good health

Divine meditation acts as a tonic to curing many illnesses in life. There’s nothing like illness in this world but the possession of it by negativity and when afflicted, meditation can be a good source for medication and healing from the spirit to the physical. Body ailments like cancer, hypertension, diabetes and many others are healed.

 5. Annihilation of problems: when divine meditation is properly done, the problems of man are annihilated. Relationships, unemployment and many other problems are taken away.

6. Divine gifts of nature: the gifts given to you as you were born into this world in a life time starts to develop and you find yourself performing different things in life you never thought you could do. Some of these gifts include healing, visionary, telepathy, clairvoyance and many more.

These are just few aspects of some of the benefits of meditation in our lives that is if we can only practice it be you of any religion.



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