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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

What is meditation?


What Is Meditation?

Although meditation has been defined a lot in so many ways by various schools of thought and great men of valor I’m going to briefly explain it as I have experienced in the cause of my practice of divine meditation. I will simply explain it this as stated below.

Meditation is a conscious process of continuously thinking and concentrating on a specific idea, thought or object that brings about connection to the inner self and the kinetic primordial energy of light; which in turn brings about the achievement of both the physical and the spiritual goals of life.  

Although meditation has been defined a lot in so many ways by various school of thoughts and great men of valor I am going to briefly explain it as stated below.

The Power Of Meditation

Meditation has the power to unveil and unravel many secrets in creation that has remained hidden before the eyes of man. It has the ability to do and undo so many things happening in our lives. It’s a very powerful tool used to discover many scientific technologies and also conquer the forces of darkness that has oppressed mankind in different life times past and present. When man meditates there are a lot of benefits that can help him/her to grow spiritually in life if practiced properly.  

Types of meditation

Meditation being a state of continuously thinking and concentrating on a specific idea, thought or object that brings about connecting the inner self to the kinetic primordial kinetic energy can be classified in different ways.

 I am going to classify it based on the different techniques and practical aspects of meditation.

Transcendental meditation 

Transcendental meditation took its root in India and it is a practice that is very common in that country. Many Gurus’ teach people in institutions in India how to practice this type of meditation.

With this type of meditation, the techniques of light, sound nectar and holy name is taught and with this so many positive aspects of human life are touched positively. The transcendental meditation allows the control of mind with concentration which directs an individual towards a deep level of calmness, enhancing the level of awareness and reaching the innermost peaceful state of mind.

Walking meditation

This type of Meditation had gained much attention after Buddhist’s practices in Asia. The Buddhist did not want to break their mood of meditation practices and while most people meditate in quiet corners in silence; these great men who often had to travel long distances on foot chose the walking meditation which involved some simple techniques. Thus they will not break their concentration rather they would be meditating matching their breath with their walking. These techniques you will find in a book I will list below at the end of this write up.

3. Mindfulness meditation: Mindfulness Meditation is a type of technique in which the person practicing it concentrates mostly on one’s own breathing as a human being. This is kind of meditation is not the surface level concentration, one needs deep concentration on breathing cycle and a full absorption during that the time of practicing it.

4. Vipassana meditation: this technique of meditation was invented by Buddha and used for many years. It is a type of technique that gives the practitioner the ability to have a strong and very high self-insight and the ability to see things very clearly in the course of meditation.

You really have to know more on

what is meditation in other to do it properly.

In fact I have added a link to a  book in the meditation material section of this site that will guide you on all you need to know about it. 

 You really have to understand much about these types of meditation and how to practice them.


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