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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Definition Of Clairvoyance

 Definition Of Clairvoyance

Definition Of Clairvoyance

Among all naturally given powers on this planet is the power of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is a divine power of being able to see and know beyond the ordinary physical world and its existence. The ability to see clearly the past, present and future of happenings, events and people's lives.

Clairvoyance can be acquired through different ways. All have the ability to see what the ordinary human being cannot see. Except that, clairvoyance acquired from the divine power of the primordial kinetic energy the light force of creation is always more authentic and the possessor can see further beyond and by far ahead of the others.

How To Get The Power Of Clairvoyance

There are different sources through which people obtain the power of clairvoyance. I am going to broadly arrange them in a way that will make you understand what I am trying to explain very well.

The various ways include the two of the following:

1. Through Initiation

2. Through Natural acquisition

Now let me explain these two main sections I have divided it into for a better understanding.

Through initiation

When man is trying to know what is beyond his/her nose, you see him/her going from one place to the other searching for the power he/she needs. Many people want to know what is ahead of them in terms of their financial life, love life, family life and other aspect of their living conditions. So if they are so much interested in knowing the unknown they may start seeking for ways to get this power. They may not want other clairvoyant people to see for them they want to know by themselves so they start searching for people who have the power to bestow this on them and then they go after it and get it. They may pay great prices to acquire this power but they want it at all cost and so go for it.

Sometimes these people who acquire this power use it positively to help themselves and others but on the other hand some use it to know about others and start using this newly acquired power to destabilize and destroy them.

Those who collect money to give this power to others through initiation generally do not have the power through divine ways. Why did I say so? This is because if this power is obtained divinely you cannot charge money to give it to someone else and if you do the power may leave that person. It is given freely from the divine spiritual realm and so does not need a charging fee.

Those divine people who have the power of clairvoyance and initiate others into it do not collect money they may tell you to give them whatever you feel like giving them.

Others who also initiate people into this open the third eye of the recipient through simple knowledge techniques and they use it to do well to others and themselves.

Through Natural Acquisition

The power of clairvoyance obtained naturally is the best power of clairvoyance to have as a human being because this power is from the divine world, the spiritual world where all divine powers are given to man by the Primordial Kinetic Energy people call The Universe, Creator, Yahweh, Yeshua, Yahuah, Chukwu, Olorun and so on depending on the region you live in and what they believe in.

These types of people are born with the power and this power either starts functioning from the time they are born or at a certain point in their lives.

They use the power to know the past, present and the future. With this knowledge in their hands, they can avert any unwanted event that would have taken place and many of this people discover so many scientific things and technology that they either produce it to help the world or teach others to do it.

I have a very good experience in clairvoyance field which I will write more in future.

Now you know the definition of clairvoyance and the two major ways people become clairvoyant but read what I have to say below.

 My advice is that since there are different types of powers everyone on this planet is born with, you need to identify yours and develop it. If yours is Clairvoyance and you don't know how to go about it then you need to consult the appropriate people that will show you the best way to go about it.

Don't fall prey and be initiated into terrible and destructive powers that will at the end attract more karma to yourself.



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