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Thursday, October 8, 2020

What Is Divine Knowledge?

  What is Divine knowledge?

Divine knowledge is the Spiritual gift of a Guru or Living perfect master to a devotee seeking for a reconnection with the Creator or light force that made everything to be in Creation. 
These gifts are Light, Nectar, Sound and the Holy name.
When man comes in contact with pure vibrational force of Creation everything of the past, present and future becomes glaringly obvious to him/her and the possibility of living a better life in that lifetime becomes possible.
This is achieveable when one meets a Guru or Living perfect master in a particular lifetime.
When you have the wisdom to receive knowledge from him you're blessed and a number of years is added to your life span. 
Divine knowledge should be rightly used and practiced because when wrongly used it will backfire seriously on you.
With this knowledge I'm writing about you'll be able to help yourself and your family and friends both spiritually and physically to achieve everyone's goals.
Most good things you think are impossible are then made possible. You now have the key to unlock all closed doors in your life except the ones that are detrimental to your life that will be kept shut.
The light illuminates your Spiritual and physical life, the nectar waters your Spiritual water of life, the sound reverberates you and the Holy name transcends you beyond human knowledge reconnecting you with the most high.
But this is when you meet the right Guru or Living perfect master.

People claim to be Guru's but they are not. Let me tell you something, the world is large and full of all kinds of powers and forces out there. A real guru teaches you the Holy name and when that name is mentioned or called wherever and in whatever situation you are in, there'll be instant manifestation of your hearts desire. With the  holy name as your wapon there's no level of Spiritual advancement you'll not achieve. It works wonders and when the forces of darkness tries to attack you it will not penetrate.
 When a Guru teaches you the Holy name you'll achieve all you came to this world with as your expansion.
We have known what is Divine  knowledge let us now find out what the Holy Name means.

What is the Holy Name?

Holy name is  that Divine name belonging to the Creator that you call when you are in a tight situation and you get instant solution to the problems you are facing. With the Holy name your dreams are achieveable whatever good you want to on this planet by merely calling his name without a flinch. No one can come out to declare himself a living perfect master of a time and survive the next few days or months except one who is actually one.
   So, if you need divine knowledge, seek for a living perfect master, receive knowledge from him and practice divinely. You do not need to live with him but seek ye the knowledge and use the holy name where ever you are and you'll see 

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