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Monday, October 5, 2020

How To Develop Your Natural Divine Powers


How To Develop Your Natural Divine Powers 

There are different ways in which man can develop the natural gifts of divine powers given to him/her at the time of birth.

In my previous post I wrote about the different kinds of divine powers the Creator blesses mankind with at the time of birth. You can check it out first before coming back to read this post so that you can understand it more.

So how can we develop these powers we are writing about? I will personally arrange it this way:

1. Development through personal self

In this method of development there must be the awareness that something made us to exist and that which made us to exist is so powerful that we cannot dictate to it on what happens to us or not. Even when we are able to conjure some things that manifest ourselves we should not start assuming we are too powerful. We are still at the mercy of the universe, the creation and the most high.

So when should try to respect ourselves and after the hustle bustle of each day’s work, find time to sit in silence and commune with the most high daily. When we do that we will start being developed spiritually and the gifts within us starts to manifest.

Buddha for instance tried his best to reconnect with the most high until he attained it. When we start this process of finding time to be in a one on one communication with the most high, development starts and there will be a reawakening of the inner self and we start seeing the manifestation of these divine powers.

2. Development through receiving divine knowledge

When you receive divine knowledge and you start practicing the techniques of light, sound, nectar and holy name shown to you, you know you have crossed the first huddle and. The next thing to do is to start meditation. And once you constantly do it, you’ll be able to develop your various divine gifts. The major key to opening the door is when you reconnected with the most high and then everything starts taking shape.

You start to be able to use the gifts you’ve been given to help yourself and mankind.

3. Developing through herbs or naturally

If you look around you’ll find so many plants that we do not know have the potency to do a lot of things for us. These plants can help to open the spiritual eyes of people who want to be clairvoyant and many illnesses have been cure using these plants.

Many aged people have the knowledge of these plants and it can really be useful in the development of the divine powers we’ve been given at birth.

There was this elderly man that lived in a small village in Nigeria. He was a palm wine tapper and often went into the forest to tap palm wine.

One day, he went to the forest as usual to tap palm wine for his customers. While he was on top of the palm tree, he happened to look down towards the road leading deeper into the forest. And what did he see?

He saw two snakes fighting. He was puzzled and kept watching the his height of place. Suddenly one of the snakes over powered the other and killed it. It turned suddenly when it realized the other had died. It glided to a plant cut it and moved back to the dead snake and appled the leave and the snake woke up and they both glided back into the forest..

The palm wine tapper nodded his head and continued tapping the wine.

When he was through he came down and went to that plant the snake had cut and took some of it with him as he went back home.

From that day, he tried the plant on any snake victim he happened to be aware of and the person became well.

He became a well-known man in the healing of snake bites and poisoning. The most important thing people realized then was that the man never revealed the knowledge to his children or any one and when he died, the knowledge went with him.

That’s it! Gift given naturally by circumstance and that was how his was meant to be developed. Do you know how yours will be developed?

That’s the most high for you!

From the above you can understand how to develop your natural Divine powers spiritually.

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