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Friday, October 2, 2020

How To Heal Yourself Spiritually


How To Heal Yourself Spiritually

What Is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is a process in which the degenerated body cells of an organism is rejuvenated and repaired back to its original state to enable it to assume its normal functions through the use of Spiritual practices. It's done without the use of orthodox medicine.

When human beings fall sick or have problems relating to the human body in whatever state, the immune system becomes weak and the body cells start degenerating. And when everything about the body cell becomes damaged the victim may not survive it. That is why man hurries off to find solutions to his/her problems as soon as he/she discovers he/she is in such a state.

The search for such a solution when properly found and a cure or healing takes place then the victim returns back to good health and normal life.

There are many problems and illnesses that the cure has not yet been found and scientists are still seriously working on them to find solutions. But spiritual healing has been highly effective in that aspect and many people have been able to find healings through these spiritual healing ways. Below I am going to list the different ways people can get healed spiritually.

The different ways to heal yourself spiritually

The different ways people get healed spiritually and become free from all psychic attacks are many and not as tedious as many people think. You can practice some committed on your own and achieve success if you really are determined to help yourself. And someone else can also help you achieve such results too.  Check out my post on how to wade off psychic attacks.

 Healing through meditation and the use of the techniques of divine knowledge


When you receive knowledge from an initiator, guru or spiritual master you are given the four basic techniques of divine knowledge that helps you to link up with the supreme primordial kinetic energy. During meditation session you hold privately in your home you perform these techniques and that keeps linking you to the most high and while this divine vibration and light is penetrating your body and entering your inner self all spiritual attack comes to a standstill. You need to do this constantly so that all your problems vanish. This process is very good because there’s no side effect at all. As you reconnect with divinity force your body cells regain their quality and become rejuvenated and you regain your good health naturally.

Apart from the above way, you can also get healed by confronting the cause of the problem spiritually when meditating because after receiving divine knowledge you now have the grace to fight and conquer the forces of darkness and when that happens all problems are resolved and solved.

There was this man that lived with his wife who was a fat lady and his children in a rented house where other tenants were also living. At a time the man started notice his wife was losing weight so much that it became a thing of concern to the family. her colour became very pale and she started looking anemic and unhealthy.

The man took his wife to the hospital to see the doctor and was diagnosed of a certain ailment. She was given treatment but believe you me she did not get any better. The man started searching for a way to help his wife in other not to lose her.

One day he met someone that introduced him to living perfect master known as Guru Maharaj ji. He visited him and after sometime received divine knowledge. He started practicing meditation according to the master’s teachings.

One day, while he was meditating he met one of his co-tenants in an experience; people may call it dream, holding a bottle almost filled with blood. A pipe was link from it to his wife’s body. He confronted the tenant and demanded to know what she was doing. The woman told him she was collecting blood from his wife’s body to use for an evil purpose. The man was so furious in the experience that he collected the bottle from her and destroyed it.

When he came back to himself he was shocked to find that it was only a dream. But my friends from that day, his wife started recovering.

That is the power of divine knowledge! As simple as that! He just meditated according to the master’s teachings and the problem got solved. It’s not all problems that medicine can solve there are some problems that are beyond orthodox medicine.

When divine light comes into the body darkness is dispelled.

Healing through yoga practices

Simple yoga lotus feet practice

The practice of yoga in body healing is another good way to relieve yourself of the problems facing you. Evils and negativity possessing the body are most times the cause of the problems mankind is facing and when yoga is practiced these pains and problems go away naturally. Arthritis, back pain and many others can be treated through yoga practice if you meet a real yoga instructor to teach you. Being on lotus feet alone can cure waist pain. I have met people who were having waist pain and after they personally practiced lotus feet became cured of the waist pain without taking any medicine.

 Healing through sound

Sacred sound healing system

In the divine world divine musical sounds and fragrance fill the air; everything is beautiful compared to the world we live in. This can be heard and perceived everywhere and if this can be reproduced by those who have experienced it, it will be of help to the world to make it a better place of living.

When you close your eyes and in silence place these sounds or audio it helps to heal the body and rejuvenates the body cells back to its original state.

So  you have  understood it all now

How to heal yourself spiritually




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